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Welcome to

This site has been created to help you find information about Jewish History.

It provides information by Topic and by Country.  It does that by providing explanatory information, links to other sites and videos.

What is required is based on the user asking themselves ‘What is Required’  This can vary from the answer to a question such as ‘when were the Jews expelled from England?’ to carrying out research on a topic such as ‘How did the Inquisition evolve?’

Videos help you visualise a topic in a way that text cannot.  They also give you access to to worldwide commentators/teachers/demonstratos and lecturers.  Finding a video may be vary time consuming   


Finding something on the  Internet can be a headache.  You are asking a computer for information.  Whether you find what you want depends where you are looking and on how you you ask the question.  You may get what you want quickly, spend a lot of time looking or not finding it.

Understanding Judaism after 4,000 years can be a major task.  You always have to ask yourself (even if subconsciously!!!!)

How am I looking for it?

When am I looking for it

Where am I looking for it?

What am I looking for…….

Why am I looking for………

Who am I looking for?

Judaism is an enormous subject with a massive amount  of information, different views and attitudes both from within and outside.

This site is designed to help you and anyone are working with by creating information by topic/country by text, video, maps and charts with links to more detail.  For example


The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) is an intergovernmental body whose purpose is to place political and social leaders’ support behind the need for Holocaust education, remembrance and research both nationally and internationally.

A central question raised by many educators and students is why teach and learn about the Holocaust when other crimes against humanity are perpetrated today? A clear and well-informed understanding of the Holocaust, the paradigmatic genocide, may help educators and students understand other genocides, mass atrocities, and human rights violations. The study of the Holocaust can aide in our obligation to develop a model that the warning signs and predisposing factors for human violence and genocide.

The purpose of these guidelines is to strengthen teaching about the Holocaust. The teaching will be different from country to country, from school to school, and from time to time. Therefore, it is understood that it is important to stress the need for self-evaluation of teaching efforts by all educators.

World  history  and today's, events, is one in which violence and war is recurring. This has been for either of the following, though they are often mixed.

  1. To gain territory
  2. To increase and/or retain power through religion

This is sometimes expanded to  Genocide (the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.  (See the Geography of Genocide by Allan D Cooper, University Press of America 1909)

For example to aid unification of the Roman Empire Catholicism was made the  Empire’s sole authorized religion by the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 CE by the Emperor Theodosius I.   In 1209 CE the Pope decided to destroy the Cathars, who were mainly in Southern France and Italy


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The Pope also became the head of a temporal power with the Papal States which were territories in the Italian Peninsula under the sovereign direct rule of the Pope, from the 8th century until 1870.  In 1929, the Vatican City State was granted sovereignty by the Italian government.

To provide a text/video introduction for individual or group discussion/exploration to help in understanding how the Jews have survived as individuals and as a group for 4000 years in spite of being expelled from their country and so becoming stateless. Then for the next 2,000 having been regularly treated as second class citizens available for blame, pogroms,  Holocaust and expulsion from the city or country where they lived.  In spite of this helping mankind make major intellectual leaps forward.

How they recovered their country after 2,000 years and have defended themselves against attempts to throw them out.  


Understanding by videos, text and maps

About 4000 years of Jewish History, How a stateless scattered people kept the Hebrew Language alive and saw it grow into the language of Israel. What it was like for Jews 1000 years after being made stateless. Why Jews lived as secret Jews and Muslims as secret Muslims. What we think happened to  the 10 of the 12 Jewish tribes who disappeared.  How the Jewish Law developed, How the Hebrew Bible was created and how it is interpreted.

What happened to the Jews after they became scattered following maltreatment, expulsions and need to trade..  The need to want to be Jewish to be able to convert into Judaism.  The story of the Khazars - the only empire to convert to Judaism.  Why and how 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in a few years in he 20th century.  Why so many people have been and are anti-Semitic.  Why the Catholics created  the Inquisition and why it lasted for about 600 years.  Why some Jews became Pirates.  Why  Christendom has attacked the Jews?  The story of Islam and the Jews.  Modern Israel.


The History by Country and Town with historic and current background information using video, text and maps. _______________________________________________________

      Stories of people who have returned to Judaism and of non-Jews       who have helped Jews and Israel.




Links to other websites ( and the Porto Portuguese blog - written in English)